Music plays

Odessa: Well, I did it...

(Odessa surveys the scene of the dead metro-cops)

He walks forth and discovers a dying resistance member lying on the ground.

Resistance: You have to get out of here....... I saw EnCLaVe...

Odessa shoots the rebel in the head.

Odessa runs through the office, killing some metro cops. He makes his way to his white sports car and gets in.

He plows through several combine soldiers and continues to drive.

Suddenly, he is on the highway, plowing down random NPCs in his red truck.

Odessa: Sarmon is getting stronger!

Odessa: Amber! I have to make sure she's A-O.K.!

Odessa: How could I neglect my step-sister?!

He crashes into a strider and continues on.

He plows down Dr. Breen, and several birds.

He comes upon a road block with a ramp leading off the side of the highway.

Odessa: Damn! A road block! This should be safe...

Odessa drives off the edge of  the highway and plummets toward the ground.

Odessa: Oh, shit!

Finding EnCLaVe - Part 2 title displays

GTA V Parachuting music plays

Odessa's blue station wagon falls to the ground and he gets out, but not after running down a couple of seagulls.

Odessa: City 17... This is where Amber lives...

Odessa: I'd be endangering her by going to her house... They'd find her...

(He picks up an egg crate.)

Odessa: I'll take this crate to remember her by...

Odessa: On second thought, it would be rude to steal... I'll bring it back... with this bicycle. 

He brings it back, with a bicycle. He returns to the building and closes the door. He breaks a desk blocking his path and walks into the other room. He spots a clipboard on the floor.

Odessa: A clipboard... I can write her a note on this...

The screen fades out and in, denoting that he has now written the note.

He picks up a clock.

Odessa: Should I want to see it?