(Halo 3 Warthog Run plays)

Finding Odessa

Amber shoots some Combine Elites outside of the City 17 trainstation.

Amber: Ever sense Sarmon took control of the combine army things have changed...

Amber kills more Combine.

Amber: Odessa has been missing for 2 weeks... EnCLaVe even longer!

Amber: I want answers!

Suddenly, there are only metro cops, which Amber promptly kills.

Amber takes refuge inside of a building as Halo 3 menu music begins to play.

Amber: I should be safe in here...

Amber picks up a clipboard.

Dear Amber...

I went to go look for EnCLaVe. He's been missing and I think I have clues as to where he could be..

I left something behind incase I'm not back in two weeks...

Use it if you find it.

Amber: What could It mean?

Amber climbs a ladder to see a time machine sitting there. 

Amber: A time machine?!

Amber: Well, it looks like there is only one thing left to do...

(Back In Time begins playing.)

Amber goes back in time.

Will Amber be able to find EnCLaVe, stop Sarmon and learn how to read?....

To be continued...