Taxi Man is a major character in the Finding Each Other series. 

Taxi Man was first introduced in EnCLaVe vs. Sarmon Part 2: The Exodus

Taxi Man has been seen as Dr. Magnusson wearing a yellow shirt in most of his appearences. Taxi Man first appears driving EnCLaVe around in EnCLaVe vs. Sarmon Part 2: The Exodus. He derives his name from the fact that he was originally going to drive a taxi in the opening scene of EVS Part 2, before it was changed to a black van.

Taxi Man is arguably one of the most important story characters in the Finding Each Other series. His entire family has travelled through dimensions at one point or another, but Taxi Man is the only person to travel from 2014 back to 2009 from another dimension.

To clarify, when Taxi Man travels back to 2009 in the main dimension, his soul merges with EnCLaVe's after he is shot in the head, even though he takes back his own body. However, this also splits his memories in two and shares them with EnCLaVe.

In Finding EnCLaVe: Prologue, it is revealed that Taxi Man in the main dimension was very abusive toward his son, Odessa, who he saw standing outside of 7 Eleven in 1997 (which was actually Odessa travelling through time, although Taxi Man was unaware) at the time Odessa's mother, Taxi Man's ex-wife, was killed.

Taxi Man and Odessa have a massive falling-out and split up for a while.

Taxi Man finds KFreezeSpot and asks her to rejoin with him, but she declines.

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